The Deimos Incident

Madison Lambert

International Space Station Astronaut and daughter of Moira and Crawford Lambert. Prior to becoming qualified as an astronaut, Madison flew carrier-based fighter missions over Iraq, on one occasion safely landing a severely damaged jet.

Moira Lambert

Former NASA Senior Director and wife of Crawford, Moira returns to this story following her role as the protagonist in The Phobos Expedition. Now retired, she lives with her husband on their ranch in Amarillo, but a life-threatening act of violence calls her back into action.

Crawford Lambert

West Texas ranch owner. Former CIA operative, now retired but returning from his role in The Phobos Expedition, Crawford passed many of his strong-willed traits to Madison due to their close relationship and still remains her mentor.

Isaiah Wilson

Also returning from The Phobos Expedition, Isaiah is the African-American Chief Astronaut on the International Space Station. He flew three combat tours over Iraq before qualifying as an astronaut and becoming Chief.

Jim Dixon

New to this story, Dixon is a West Texas cowboy who has a chance encounter with Madison in an Amarillo bar that leads to serious consequences.

Ed "Matt" Matthew

Ares III Spacecraft Pilot (second in command). Returns from his astronaut role in The Phobos Expedition

Nathan Lamar

Ares Rescue Spacecraft Pilot (second in command). Nathan is new to this story and flies a critical Ares mission in addition to being Madison's love interest.

Kazuhiro Sora

Kazuhiro is a world-renowned, Japanese-American physicist who is enamored by the Texas heritage of Western clothing, including his signature Stetson and cowboy boots worn with his three-piece, pin-striped suit. The jovial Kazuhiro reappears in this story following his role in The Phobos Exhibition. He helps analyze a mysterious and dangerous phenomena originating from deep space.

Chris Bowen

Flight Director at the Johnson Space Center in Houston with responsibility for the Ares program. Chris played a similar role in The Phobos Expedition.

Andrew Roid (name derived from "Android")

Ares Rescue Spacecraft Commander. Andrew is an Android, Generation I Astrobot. An android loved by all who know him who commanded the first Ares mission in The Phobos Expedition. He returns to this story and serves with Nathan as the commander of a critical Ares mission.

Agent (name derived from "A-Gen-Two")

Ares III Spacecraft Commander, new to this story. Agent is an Android, Generation II Astrobot. Serves as spacecraft commander on the Ares III mission to Mars but has an arrogant attitude that offends all those who work with him.