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Upon receiving the novel, I peeked at the opening and got hooked by the story. I read it in one sitting. Quite a journey from Amarillo to Mars. Good characters, including autonomous androids, and a good plot to weave everything together. Loved it!

David -Noblesville, IN

Great book! I was drawn into this exciting adventure from the beginning. The characters are very well developed - even the Androids! And, I felt myself excited to read how (and if) they would manage to escape what appears to be insurmountable circumstances. This is a page-turner. My only complaint—I hate to have to wait until next year for the last book in this trilogy.

Lynn -Kingwood, TX

Logan writes a good story.

James -Humble, TX


I have just finished The Spirit Gate and The Lost Portal, and they were fantastic. I did not want them to end, and I could hardly put them down. I felt as if I were one of the time travelers. I have read lots of books on the American Indians (a love of mine). These books were far better than any of the American Indian stories I have ever read. Thanks for the great trip, and I'll look forward to your next book!

─ Ed, Carmel, Indiana

When I received my copy of this book, I held it in my hands and sensed it had the most wonderful energy!

─Ellie, Brooklyn, New York

Just finished reading The Spirit Gate, and I enjoyed all three books in the Ancient Secrets series. The stories were well crafted and hard to put down. Logan did an incredible job blending history and science fiction.

─David, Noblesville, Indiana

THIS is a GOOD BOOK!!! An easily intriguing journey into the life and times of a lost, but then found again Native American civilization. Simply amazing!

─Randy, New Caney, Texas

I did not want this book to end. Excellent! Enjoyable and engaging. Congrats! WELL DONE!!

─Bob, Lapel, Indiana

Wow! Logan is a very talented writer! The book was an easy read as a stand alone novel, and it drew me into wanting to read the first two in the series.

─Marie, Noblesville, Indiana

I must read it!

─Judy, Stockton, Illinois

All of you who like a realistic time travel novel─so real it could happen─you need to check out The Spirit Gate, a neat novel in a trilogy of books about space, time travel, water shortage in the Southwest, and answers about our past and future that the Anasazi Indian tribes have held for centuries.

You are in for a treat. Marvelous writing, great plots, tremendous writer. Creation, evolution, faith, science, space, romance, all live side by side in this fascinating book. Do yourself a good deed today─check it out!

─Sue, Bluffton, Indiana

Although I enjoyed all three books in the series, The Spirit Gate is my favorite. The author seemed to have fun writing the characters and adding touches of humor throughout. The whole Anasazi culture at Chaco Canyon was fascinating, especially the interplay between the ancient shaman, Cheveyo, and the modern day scientists.

─Connie, Porter, Texas


This fact-based fiction is intelligent, his characters are people you come to know like good friends, and his inventive story lines are original and well-researched. You'll learn about Ancient cultures, modern-day political issues, and future possibilities for the world in a way that is compelling and fast reading. You'll reach the end of this story wanting more. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys creative and thoughtful story weaving, and it's appropriate for nearly all ages, a rarity in books today.

─Inky, Amazon Review

The Lost Portal is a MUST READ! Logan is not only a terrific writer; he knows how to tell a story. His fully-developed characters, those you don't want to say good-bye to, are picked up again in his second book of his "Ancient Secrets" series. Definitely not a "little-green-men" novel.

The Lost Portal, based on folklore from the Anasazi tribe in the Southwest, makes you fall in love with his characters all over again in their modern-day fight to save their region from the threat of water shortage. Both books hold your interest, leave you wanting more. My advice to the author: write faster...I can't wait for your third! Watch this new writer. He has what it takes in the writing field.

─Sue, Amazon Review

The Lost Portal is a book that answers a lot of important questions. Want to know what happens when Los Angeles runs out of water? Ever wondered where the Anasazi culture of Chaco Canyon disappeared to? Or, how do you explain the myth of man-made global warming to clueless friends? The Lost Portal has some good explanations of these mysteries plus some ideas on how to save your marriage.

The Lost Portal has a tight plot that keeps you guessing until the end, helped along by efficient writing. Logan never wastes a word. He has made the Lost Portal a joy to read. Clear, crisp sentences propel this adventure along like a Formula One car. Oh, Logan has given us a hint of where humankind came from. What more can an author do?

In sum, The Lost Portal is a modern day adventure story, a love story, a how-to-do on major hydro-engineering projects, an archaeological mystery and prophecy. It's like Indiana Jones and Louis Lamour collaborated on a book. Okay, neither Louis nor Indy were engineers, but Logan is one. A great read.

                                                                       ─Churchill, Goodreads Review


After reading Logan's profile on LinkedIn, I was intrigued about his career as a novelist. So I downloaded The First Migration onto my Kindle and started reading it. Couldn't stop! Just finished it.

First of all, I love science fiction, but I also love a good story ─ and this one was great! Logan has a real talent as a writer. I can't wait to read the other two novels in the series.

─Mike, Austin, Texas

"Reminiscent of Tom Clancy thrillers and Michael Crichton science fiction, The First Migration . . . truly is a marvelous escape and a journey into an intriguing place."

—Kurt Meyer, Noblesville Daily Times

“The story captivated me from the first paragraph. It’s written with such a smooth conversational tone that anyone of any age could easily imagine being in these situations as seen through the eyes of the characters. The First Migration is pure enjoyment reading. It’s a thought-provoking romp into the future, as well as a mystery about a real-life lost civilization. A top-notch debut novel.”

—J. Heidi Newman, Copyeditor, Indianapolis, Indiana

“This was an excellent mystery as well as a thought-provoking book. Loved the writer’s style. He made the characters really come to life for me. It seemed too real to be fiction. Could not lay the book down. A must read!”

                                                                            —Steve, Pendleton, Indiana

“What a wonderful book! I couldn’t put it down and read it in one day. My husband was right there to pick it up. We both loved it. It really is a great story, and we’re passing it on to a good friend.”

—Bev, Montague, Michigan

“I finished the book last night. Really enjoyed it. It reminded me of Dan Brown’s work.”

                                                                                —Bill, Boulder, Colorado

“I read the book while on vacation. Couldn’t put it down. Loved it.”

—Judy, Salem, Indiana

“I’ll be honest—I thought the book was going to be over my head or boring. But no—I really enjoyed it . . . Bravo!”

—Sue, Port Neches, Texas

“The book was wonderful. It grabbed me from the start and would not let go! (I didn’t even try to get away from it). Thanks for an amazing migration.”

—Jim, Lapel, Indiana

“I want to read your book, but I can't get it away from my husband—he's fascinated by it!”

—Diane, Fishers, Indiana

“A fast paced, well thought out novel of how we on the earth came to be. Logan assembles just enough science to make you think it might just have happened the way he describes and, most importantly, sprinkles his book with both believable characters, including the President, and characters we care about. This is not a science fiction novel but a novel about science and myth that Logan handles well. No 'Bug Eyed Monsters' in this book. A very good read." — Jim, London, U.K.

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