Science Fiction by Daniel Logan

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Deep Space Travel to Mars (Trilogy)


The Phobos Expedition: An expedition to the Martian moon, Phobos, to determine if it is extraterrestrial (Book 1, Deep Space Travel to Mars series).

The Deimos Incident: A stunning discovery on the tiny Martian moon, Deimos, alters our concept of the universe (Book 2, Deep Space Travel to Mars series).

The Martian Enigma: The first human crew to land on Mars encounters an enigma threatening their safe return. (Book 3, Deep Space Travel to Mars series).

Ancient Secrets Trilogy


The Spirit Gate: Explores the confluence of ancient mythology, science, and faith within the great stellar gates (Book 3, Ancient Secrets series).

The Lost Portal: A national conflict over the shortage of water west of the Continental Divide (Book 2, Ancient Secrets series).

The First Migration: NASA time travel research leads to the discovery of our human origins (Book 1, Ancient Secrets series).